Unique Financial Services offers premium deposit rates with both Permanent TSB and KBC. These deposit accounts are low risk, secure way of saving. Unfortunately at present (29/09/2017), deposit rates are low and your account may not grow in line with inflation. These accounts are suitable for people who want to keep their savings secure and free from risk.


Here at UFS we offer a wide range of investment advice so that you can expand your portfolio to new levels. We provide investments from a high level of capital security to high-risk/high-reward options.  These options cater to each individual client’s risk tolerance and growth expectations.

Most of our clients approach us with a particular objective or aim they want to achieve from investing their money. Whether it’s building a fund for a rainy day, saving up for your kids’ education or just having your idle deposit money earn some interest, we at UFS have a multitude of options to suit your needs.

After we identify your goals, the next step is planning to achieve them. We will create an investment strategy that is tailored to your needs, timeframe and means available.

Unique Financial Services Ltd will guide you on the various fund types available e.g. Deposits, Multi Asset/Strategy Funds, Bonds, Commercial property, Tracker Bonds and Structured Investments.
We educate our customers on the investment/savings process and decision making. For example, the balance between risk and return, the importance of real diversification, protecting all or a portion of your money, Deposit rates, Inflation proofing, impact of using different providers.

UFS will keep you up to date on legislative changes, varying tax structures and budget changes at our review meetings.
We will provide personalized performance reviews to help monitor your investments and alter your strategy to reflect your ever-changing circumstances and goals.

Investment Options to consider

Absolute Return Investing:

Multi Asset Fund Investing:

Property Fund: